Vestrr Unlimited | Australia's First Dress Rental Subscription

Australia's First Dress Rental Subscription

Access Unlimited Designer Clothing for $99.95/month.
Try your first two months of unlimited rentals for only $149.95 (normally $199.90).
Cancel Anytime.

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how it works

unlimited rentals

Weekly new arrivals from both international & local brands, no matter what the occasion is, we have something for you.

swap whenever you want

If you don’t like the dress you’ve received, simply send it back, and book another one! Anytime!

free dry cleaning

All dry-cleaning costs are covered in your subscription. Garments come professionally dry cleaned, steamed and ready to wear!

cancel anytime

Our subscription is built for you to use at any time. It is commitment-free and cancellable anytime. 

how to access vestrr unlimited

1. pay once a month

Sign up to our subscription plan by following the prompts to checkout. Upon successful checkout, please allow 24 hours for a Vestrr team member to issue you your unique unlimited code.


Access our entire collection! Everything is available for you to book in. Our range is updated weekly, so you can stay in fashion, forever.

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3. rent whenever you want

Book in a dress anytime up to 3 months in advance. Never worry about having nothing to wear again!

some statistics

- 20% of industrial water pollution world wide, comes from treating and dyeing textiles

- Production of fibres is responsible for 18% of the world's pesticide used

- The textile industry is the 2nd biggest polluters in the world

- 500,000 tonnes of textiles end up as landfill in Australia each year

- Some fabrics take up to 200 years to breakown

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quality + quantity

We stock garments from designers who place an importance on style and quality. Support these brands and their beautiful dresses, and avoid fast fashion brands! Join Vestrr Unlimited, and have both quality and quantity!

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Why is Unlimited $99.95/month?

Think of us like Netflix and Spotify. We created Vestrr Unlimited as an exclusive product, with a very limited intake every month. Vestrr Unlimited is targeted to Australian Women who want to stay in fashion, and know the importance of sustainability and a great savings opportunity. The subscription fee is a commitment from you, to help us continuously increase our range, improve our service, and do everything we can to ensure you have a dress for every occasion.

How does Vestrr Unlimited work?

Vestrr Unlimited is a subscription program that gives access for you to rent as many garments as you like (one at a time) at any time.

Select your 4-day rental period on the booking calendar for the garment you’d like to book, enter your unique subscription code, receive the dress, wear, return and repeat!

Your subscription allows you to have 2 booked garments at all times, however the rental start date must be 2 days apart.

Your subscription bills monthly, but you can cancel anytime. Your subscription covers dry cleaning.

How will I be charged?

Vestrr will charge you a monthly subscription fee. Your subscription will automatically be billed on the same date every month at the rate then in effect to your payment card on file. Please note that only credit card payments will be accepted.

You can cancel at any time 7 business days prior to the next billing cycle by contacting a member of Vestrr Care email at

What garments am I allowed to rent through Vestrr Unlimited?

All dresses on the site, are there for you to rent! No exceptions!

How do I cancel my Vestrr Unlimited subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime! To cancel an upcoming month’s subscription, you must give 7 business days’ notice to Vestrr prior to the end of the billing period. Cancellations made within 7 business days to an upcoming billing period, means that the subscription will still be active for the following the month, and you will maintain full subscription privileges for the upcoming month. Cancellations must be made via an email at

Upon cancellation, please return any garment you may have by the end of the rental period to avoid late fees.

Do I still receive my order if I cancel my subscription?

Your subscription must be active at the time you are due to receive an existing booking. E.g. If it is 1st January, and you have decided to cancel your subscription, you will receive any rental bookings that take place and end before your next billing period, 1st February. All bookings made where your 4-day rental period begins from 1st February or later, will be cancelled.

Do I still pay for shipping?

Yes. Vestrr’s standard shipping rate of $15 for return express shipping will still apply. This is a direct pass through cost to Australia Post.

What happens if I lose or damage a garment?

We understand that these things happen. In the event that the dress is accidentally stained or damaged, please contact us immediately. Appropriate charges will be made to your payment card for the dress' repair or replacement after careful. The cost of the replacement will amount to the agreed retail value (RRP) of the dress as displayed on the dress' details page. 

Vestrr reminds you to treat all dresses like you would your own. 

What if the garment does not fit?

We understand that sometimes pieces just don’t fit, or just aren’t flattering as you had hoped. To ensure that you get the most use out of your subscription, we give you 24 hours from when your order is delivered to send the dress back. You will be eligible to pick another available dress once we receive, or see on the tracker that the dress is on its way back. We are here to make sure you have something for your event.


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Get exclusive access to Unlimited Designer Clothing for $99.95/month.
Try your first 2 months of unlimited rentals for only $149.95 (normally $199.90).
Cancel anytime.

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