Consign your dress with Vestrr

Vestrr Consignment

What is in your closet?

Do you have many nice dresses?

Do you want to make some passive income through your dresses?


You do not have time to keep answering queries all day about your dresses.


You do not have time to clean the dress after rentals, and prepare for the next one.


You do not have time to deliver the dress whenever it is booked.


You do not have time to schedule try-ons nor other people going to your house.


You do not have time to wait around for girls to come and pick up the dress.


You don't know if the renter will take care of your dress. What if your dress is stolen?

How Vestrr Consignment Works


Send in or drop your dresses off at our Collingwood studio. 


Your dress will be listed online, managed, cleaned and promoted.


You get paid monthly, straight into your bank account.


Vestrr Consignment takes care of your dress rentals. Submit as many dresses as you want, free of charge. Vestrr Consignment's curating team will approve your dresses and organise the pick-up / delivery of your dress to us. Your dresses will be stored securely at our facility. We will manage all enquiries, questions, customer screening, dry-leaning of your dress and much more!

Free listing on our site

We will list your dresses on our website, free of charge. Your dresses will be on our website in no time.

Earn effortlessly

You will be notified every time your dress gets rented. You will get paid into your bank account, once a month.

Exposure and marketing

A growing reach of 200,000+ through our social media platforms and a large weekly marketing budget.

Dry Cleaning & Care

We cleaning of your dress. Our dry cleaning partners know how to clean your dress accordingly.

Quality Control

With clear processes an systems, Vestrr Consignment will take care of damage costs if it occurs.

Try-On Scheduling

We schedule try-ons with the customers. 90% of our past customers who have tried on a dress, ended up renting.

The dress is still yours!

Vestrr Consignment is here to manage and earn you money on your dresses. Notify us when you would like to wear your dress, and we can arrange it accordingly!


Vestrr has had a lot of experience in renting out hundreds of dresses. We would like to do the same for you, and earn you some passive income, effortlessly. We charge a flat 40% commission when a dress gets rented. We save you time and stress, and endeavour to make you as much profits as possible on your dresses. Through Vestrr, let your dress earn its potential.