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Formal Dress Hire Australia

What You’ll Love about Designer Dress Hire and Formal Dress Rental in Australia

Vestrr expands your wardrobe with designer dress rental in Australia.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having an exciting event to attend – and nothing to wear. Next time, don’t spend a fortune on a new formal dress. Instead, take advantage of Vestrr, a dress rental company offering a wide variety of gorgeous dresses for hire.

The Importance of Designer Dress Hire

If you’ve never considered renting clothes, it’s time to take another look at this extremely convenient and affordable way to look and feel your best. Would you like to have access to endless designer dresses to wear? That’s what dress rental does for you. Here are some of the other benefits.

  • Affordable designer dresses. Designer dresses can cost hundreds of dollars or more. If you rent dresses instead of purchasing, you can easily save thousands of dollars over time.
  • A neat wardrobe. Forget holding onto items you rarely wear. Renting dresses means you no longer need to have a closetful of rarely-worn pieces.
  • The perfect dress for every occasion. Whether you are planning for a wedding, a corporate event or a holiday, you’ll have hundreds of dresses to choose from, so you’ll always have the perfect thing to wear.
  • Sustainability. Buying new clothes you’re going to wear only once or twice is highly wasteful. Help protect the environment by ‘sharing’ your dresses with others in the form of dress rental.

Related Services We Provide to Formal Dress Hire

At Vestrr, we provide dress rental for anyone who wishes to pick out a new dress that makes them feel fabulous without spending an arm and a leg. We understand the need for a variety of clothing options and also how expensive new clothes can be – especially designer dresses. That’s why we offer two different ways to rent:

  • Vestrr Go. With Vestrr Go, you choose a dress you love and reserve it for a particular day. Prices start at just $39 for beautiful designer dresses, which you may keep for four days.
  • Vestrr Unlimited. This subscription service provides unlimited dress rentals for one low monthly fee. With special prices for your first two months and the ability to cancel anytime, there’s nothing to lose.

With either option, you’ll enjoy quality dresses and excellent service. When it’s time to return your dress, there’s no hassle – we include a pre-paid bag with every dress to make returns as easy for you as possible. We’ll handle all the cleaning, too.

About Vestrr

We created Vestrr to be your go-to source for the dresses you want – regardless of your budget. One of the things we love most about Vestrr is how sustainable it is. Did you know that some fabrics take hundreds of years to break down? That means it’s much more environmentally friendly to rent and return your dress. You’ll wear exactly the dress you want to your event, and then it will still be available for someone else to wear instead of hanging untouched in your closet. We stock dresses from designers who value quality and style, so you’ll always be able to find something you love. Contact Vestrr today.